Madison River Canyon Earthquake Area
West Yellowstone, Montana

July 2010


This area is just outside of
West Yellowstone, Montana
Map showing the landslide area and where
Earthquake Lake was formed due to slide

The red arrows in the picture show where tons of rocks that used to be part of the mountain came crumbling down and created an earthend dam across the
Madison River and formed the Earthquake Lake. 19 people were buried and a
total of 28 people lost their lives in this tradgedy.


Talks about the fault scarp
The fault scarp can be seen running horizontally across the mountain. It looks like a path along the mountain
The dirt here is the 21' fault scarp in one of the campgrounds
Describing the fault scarp shown above
This picture shows a picnic table
21' higher than the fire ring in the
campsite. They used to be on the
same level.

Describes the history of this area

Sums up the events of the quake and landslide
Earthquake Lake
Notice the dead trees in the lake.
It is hard to believe this happened
back in 1959. That is just over 50
years ago.
I remember coming here in the
early 1970's with my parents.
The only thing I can remember is
coming to the end of the road
where it went into Earthquake Lake,
and the story about the couple
camping in a tent about 20 miles down
stream from the slide. A huge boulder
broke loose from the mountain
above their campsite and crushed
them in their tent, but bounced
over their picnic table and left the
table and contents in tact.
The slide area can be seen in the distance
This is about the homes and cabins on
lake Hebgen. There was and still is a
dam above the slide area that created
Lake Hebgen. The dam sustained minor
damage, and fortunately held.
Otherwise hundreds of people would
have died. These homes and cabins were on that lake. One side of the lake dropped over 20' while the other side remainded at the same level. The quake caused the lake water to rock back and forth, washing away these homes and cabins.

Below are pictures of some of the road damage that occured from the quake.


Refuge point is a high point above the
lake where survivors gathered and
waited to be rescued in the morning.
One of the rangers gives a talk and walk
through time, talking about what
happened here. The ranger was
15 years old and one of the survivors
trapped here that night.

These are pictures of the slide area

The hole in the center of this picture is
where the 2 memorial boulders came from. They are described further down the page

As described earlier, the bottom on one
side of Lake Hebgen dropped about 20',
causing the water to wash back and forth
and washing away homes and cabins on
the sides of the lake.


The hole in the center of this picture is
where the 2 memorial boulders
came from.

Madison River down stream from
the land slide
This is the memorial plaque placed on the memorial boulder