Lyndon B. Johnson
Presidential Library
Austin, Texas

June 2010

From the entrance into the presidential library, the fountain and skyline of Austin.
This is the only presidential library that does not charge an entry fee.
Lyndon B Johnson
A wooden caricature of
President Johnson
Ladybird Johnson
President Johnson had 3 TVs in
the oval office with one on each
of the 3 major networks
A photo and 2 of his chairs
A murial of Johnson & Kennedy
on the wall inside the library

Bill Signing Pens

Environmental sign

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Bill Signing Pens
Johnson's Limo
George Forman presented this
metal ribbon to the library
Houston skyline taken in 1929
Some of the presidential library books of documents

The Tet Offensive

The Tet Offensive
Sign about our environment
A wooden star of Texas

The Kennedy Assasination
Walter Cronkite tribute on display at the library.
The world of news sure misses him.

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