Bandera, Texas
Parade and Town

June 2010

‹— Don't have to worry about driving drunk
as long as you can stay on your horse
and your horse knows the way home

Your typical towns people — ›

Bandera High School Cheerleaders
Big Horn Float
Cowboys on horseback
A whole new meaning to bull riding
Cowgirls Too!
ATV with deer head
Hillbilly Float
Mules pulling a wagon
Mule bowing
Kiltie Band
Tall Pickup
Saddle up your road grader and ride
Your typical rooster Cadilac
Sitting in the shade
while spreading the manure

This is the tree of life.
There is a man in this costume.
He would stand still and when a
group of people would be standing
by him he would move and scare
the devil out of them