6th Floor Museum
Dallas, Texas

June 2010

JFK Statue in the memorial
6th Floor window Oswald shot from in book depository. The 6th floor
has been turned into a museum. Thus the 6th Floor museum.
They don't allow pictures be taken inside, so there are no pictures
from inside the museum. A very interesting museum on the Kennedy
assasination. It presents a lot of evidence to multiple shooters.
The memorial built to honor JFK and Governor Connally
The grassy knoll that a second shooter
could have shot from. There are "Xs"
painted on the pavement showing
approximatly where the 2 shots hit
JFK and Governor Connally.
Where I am standing would be
the location of the 2nd shooter.
The X's painted on the road where the shots were fired.
A picture just inside the doors to the museum
The old red museum. This contains history about the Dallas Ft Worth area.
The observation tower built for the Worlds Fair