Johnson Space Center
Houston, Texas

May 2010

Oak trees are planted for
each astraunat that has died
Saturn-V Rocket and building

Apollo 13 Mission

Landing on the moon
Skylab Project

Model of the space shuttle
Space Walk
Ron trying to land the space shuttle.
Good thing I am not the pilot,
I crashed and burned the 3 times I tried to land.
Model of the space station
When finished the space station will be longer that a football field
Living / working quarters
on the space station
Various components of the space station


They are working on using robots to do the space walks and outside repairs.
These are the fingers of the robot. Maybe Donna can borrow them.
Robotic arm used to practice jobs
on earth before they get into space

A rover type vehicle used to practice
Blast off theatre. Talked about past,
present and future missions
Mars project is in top left corner of the picture
Portions of the shuttle they use for practicing missions