Medina Lake Corp of Engineer Park
Near San Antonio, Texas

June 2010

Donna feeding the deer. They were so friendly when I went outside to work on the motorhome, the deer just started to come over. As I fed them, one stuck her nose into an open compartment checking it out for food. I had to close the compartment door to keep her out.
A neighbor feeding the deer. They would just come in numbers to eat.
Pictures of the deer just standing
around eating grass or
what ever they eat.
A river crossing over Medina River
coming back from Bandera.
If it rained or the river would be high
at all, the crossing would be impossible.
There are kids and people
swimming in the river.
A Jack Rabit in the campground
Medina Lake. One of 3 clear
water lakes in Texas.
Not sure what is meant by
clear water lakes. This was
over Memorial Day,
and it was packed.
Donna with her new hat
A cartoons at the pizza shop in Bandera.
On the right are 2 toy solders next to a squirrel.