Dr Pepper Museum
Waco, Texas

June 2010

The outside of the museum

Large bottle sign
Harry Ellis was very instrumental in
setting up the Dr Pepper Museum,
so the building was dedicated to him
Several of their signs over the years

Early signs of Dr Pepper
This bar was built in the early 1900's,and the Doctor that developed the Dr Pepper formula
is behind the glass and does an introductory talk about Dr Pepper
Belt buckle with store front as a design
The well that they used in the early
days of the drink. Later they threw
all the old bottles in the well and was
eventually covered with a concrete floor. About 1997 using old blue prints of
the factory college students found
the well and removed the glass bottles
from the well.
Some of the old bottling equipment
Waco, Texas in the early days
Some of the early bottles they used
Quotes played when the labels were pressed


One of the many awards the company won

Early delivery truck
The presidents desk
Signs of the several drinks they produce