Duchense, Utah

August 2010

Camperworld RV Park in Duchense, Utah. This was a Coast To Coast park.
Very nice park, but not a lot of things around the area
Starvation Dam & Reservoir.
This was not far from the campground.
Nice lake if you are into boating.
This was just across from the campground. The bridge is right by the campground.
Sunset from the campground
Landscape of the surrounding area
Lots of oil wells in the area. One of the wells where they are burning off the gasses, and
some of the storage tanks by a few of the wells.
9 mile canyon is just down the road a piece. The biggest problem with going through 9 mile canyon,
is that it is 78 miles long. The road is dirt and rough, but there are prehistoric rock arts along the way.
We did not take the road, because it did not look vehicle friendly.