Utah Olympic Park
2002 Olympic Site
Park City, Utah

August 2010



The Utah Olympic Village for the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Bailey & Ron Bob Sledding
Buffalo in lobby
Chris Klug during 2002 Olympics
Views from bottom and top of the 3 major ski jumps used during 2002 winter olympics. Today they are used to practice on year round. During summer, they pump water down the jumps over the long grass like fibers (green portion of jump) and during the winter they make snow if snow is not available and groove ski slots down the ramp so their skis go straight and no one has an unfair advantage by being the last jumper. If they didn't groove it, then the first jumper would be plowing snow, while the last jumper would have a nice slick packed path.
The bob sled track. Rides were $65.00 a person for about a 65 second ride. $1.00 per second ride. Looked really neat, however it was temporarily closed when we were there due to lightning.
Inside the museum. Skiers on the ceiling and trophies from years past on the hills.
The Canadian ski jumping team was practicing at the facility. They were very young kids practicing on smaller ski slopes that landed them into a pool. Just before they would land, lots of air bubbles would be pumped into the water to cushion and break their fall. They could practice flips etc without getting hurt.

The Luge. Our tour guide showed us how the sled worked. He said the sledders memorized the various tracks, because they didn't look up enough to actually see the track, and each track was different, so they needed to memorize each one of the tacks they ran on.

The skeleton. He said this was the easiest of all the sleds to start with, because you can see where you are going and just move your weight one way or the other to steer the sled.
Ecker Hill, where these ski jumps are, started back in 1929
2010 Winter Olympians
An indian head dress from opening cerimonies at the 2002 olympics

Pictures of Utah in the lobby of the facility


A picture from the top of the ski jumps in 2002 during the winter olympics
Ron carring the olympic torch ( not really). This has to be a real honor to be one of the many people that get to carry the torch across the country.
Ron just bob sledding along.
Bailey fell out a few turns back
The zip line tower. For $35.00 you can get into a harness, get hooked up to the zip line and go for a fast ride to the bottom of the hill. Really neat and looked like lots of fun.